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how to learn books faster

how to learn books faster

Don’t get bogged down with details at this point. Stop subvocalizing.. Subvocalization is by far the most common factor in slowing down our reading. By now, you should realize that the wrong search queries will end up giving wrong results. Naturally, when we get hungry or sleep-deprived. (but I wouldn’t recommend that). But it was a reaaaally, really dry read. This list contains some of the best speed reading books that are comprised of strategies to help readers learn to read faster. You want to immediately expose your weaknesses to work on them ASAP, rather than hide them. While it’s true that we need to practice for long accumulated amount of time (hence the 10,000 hour rule), it does not necessarily mean we should always practice the same thing for a long stretch of time. Why does “Made in Japan” ring a different, high-quality bell in our brains? So what does this have to do with us? Anyway, Anki is completely free to use for PC, Mac, and Android. Sound too good to be true? We’re not avoiding challenges that make us look dumb in the moment. Anyone can learn to read better, faster, and with better comprehension. This program is focused on a seven-day approach. That being said, I don’t want to promise you “extraordinary results” here — just to be clear. Now that you know how to learn better and faster, it wouldn’t make sense if you wouldn’t be able to remember a thing after a day. And make sure to increase the focus time progressively. Another study then recommends you to nap for no more than 30 minutes to avoid these dreadful feelings. The reason is you experienced what we call sleep inertia. Not so fast. Please, that’s complete bullshit. Ensure that you keep track of the progress you make as you go on. The steering becomes “automatic” for your mind. If you didn’t know, Theodore has a huge YouTube channel called Practical Psychology (1.7M Subscribers and counting) where you could get actionable self-improvement advice straight from the field of, well, Psychology. If you are a beginner in programming field or have not any knowledge of any programming skills, then this sections is for you. I now advocate more principles rather than tactics, so I’ll revise this article in the near future. (which uses mental energy, by the way.). There is a large focus on practicing reading just like you would practice any other skill. That’s mastery right there. 4 EASY WAYS TO LEARN FASTER AND REMEMBER MORE. First of all, repeated studying is a passive way of learning unless you consolidate information using the Feynman Technique or similar methods. Since I heavily use Anki for my learning, I experienced having “disconnected knowledge”–I was able to retain everything, but not in a synthesized fashion. you forgot ‘Reading With The Right Brain’ by David Butler. We just have to visualize it. Just as long as your brain associates that image to what you’re trying to memorize. What happened was, Ebbinghaus discovered that even though these syllables were nonsense, our brains had automatic tendencies to associate prior knowledge despite not having any sense, and therefore, remembering the abstract information better. I didn’t even graduate on time; which was a huge deal. Benefits – One of the biggest benefits of books is their accessibility. Or better yet, something that helps you sleep better. It’s all about focusing on the right things—the few essential elements of a process/product while minimizing wastes. However, to make this process a bit easier, I devised a method that uses prompts. Everything is done for me. I’ll tell you why. Before You Can Learn Faster: First Things First ; Chapter 1: How Fast Learners Think. This background knowledge incorporated with the practice exercises will help you achieve any of your reading goals.Rating: ★★★☆☆. How to Be a Super Reader | Ron Cole | ★★★★☆, Breakthrough Rapid Reading | Peter Kump | ★★★★☆, The Idiot’s Guide to Speed Reading | Abby Marks Beale | ★★★★☆, The Speed Reading Book | Tony Buzan | ★★★☆☆, Guide To Speed Reading | Nathan Armstrong | ★★★★☆, 10 Days To Faster Reading | Princeton Language Institute | ★★★★☆, Super Reading Secrets | Howard Stephen Berg | ★★★★☆, Triple Your Reading Speed | Wade E. Cutler | ★★★★☆, Seven-Day Speed Reading Program | Evelyn Wood | ★★★☆☆. Another crucial element of speed reading is the ability to recognize your own growth. Surely, just hard work isn’t enough for extraordinary results. It’s simply a widely circulating, corrupted version of the original “Dale’s Cone of Experience”. The students who did repeated testing were the ones who performed better, despite low performance expectations. To have a steady source of glucose, try eating slow-release carbs. Similar to the Feynman Technique, a University of Melbourne study says that structured diagrams like concept maps and mind maps actually help in understanding complex topics. If you’d like to know how to create a true mind map, I suggest watching this excellent 10-year old video. By increasing your heart rate, exercise pumps more oxygen to the brain and even helps to create new neural connections. However, it is important that you don’t get obsessed with how many words you are able to type in a minute. Another thing you want to do is search for recommendations in Forums like Reddit. There are various ways you can achieve your goals be it with software, courses or classes. It contains several quizzes to help predetermine your present reading skill level. So, how do you create your own memory palace? Smartphones have been keeping us from entering Diffuse Mode. Worse yet, you start quitting earlier when you experience even little roadblocks in your learning. It doesn’t matter if you could work for 10 hours today but take the next week off. You’re never going to have problems remembering hundreds of pieces of information. In this guide, I’ve cut out impractical and ineffective strategies so that you’re left with the most practical and easiest ways to transform the way you learn. This book (visit bookstore) is written by recognized reading performance expert Abby Marks Beale, who is also the founder of The Corporate Educator. They teamed up with Abby to develop a very time-efficient solution. However, those who learned in a ‘spread out’ fashion showed greater improvements long term. However, this is a rather narrow way of thinking about references. Did you get a chance to read ‘Reading With The Right Brain’ by David Butler? Externalization is popularized by Productivity Expert David Allen in his book, Getting Things Done. To make it more robust, I’ll tell you the secret of memory athletes right now in the next section. Second, investing money doesn’t mean spending just for books and resources. That’s because merely feeling you know something does not mean you actually know it. Retrieval Practice/Active Recall is simply self-testing. Certainly, there are some information that’s harder to remember than others. They contain real people with real experiences. If learning how to read a book faster is something that interests you, you may want to try this technique. Most of the suggested titles you should get in your local library, and for free. As a solution, I create summary sheets. Read things all the time. But the problem, as he says, is that focusing intently takes its toll on your mental energy. Furthermore, according to an article at Vox: “In 2015, psychologists Brian Galla and Angela Duckworth published a paper in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, finding across six studies and more than 2,000 participants that people who are good at self-control also tend to have good habits — like exercising regularly, eating healthy, sleeping well, and studying.”. They begin to fear mistakes because failures do not conform to their identity of being ‘gifted’. Next, identify elements that help you act towards your goal and put them in an obvious place that’s easy to access. Reading faster isn't about plowing through books or texts without comprehending or enjoyment; it's about learning to pick up the speed and still take in the information in an enjoyable way. We just tend to remember images better than sounds or tastes. It’s a 2-in-1 practice because you’re training yourself to be aware of what you’re thinking while you’re learning something. Create your own questions and answer them. As John Medina says in his book, Brain Rules, our vision trumps all of our senses when it comes to memory. Students, busy people and reading enthusiasts can all boost their speed within 10 days. Working on improving all areas of reading including speed, comprehension, and quality is a major focus of this book (visit bookstore). However, if you so desire to do that, I’d argue that it’s even better for your retention. Back then, I thought doing meditation were just for 40-year old moms. And the way to know when brand awareness advertising works is when people actually remember the brand through strategic exposure. Why, I’m glad you asked. The “Equal” challenges you, motivates you and makes learning fun. You could easily get burned out. Later, in the Spaced Repetition section, we’ll discuss how exactly you could do that. He wrote Peter the Speed Reader. As we all know, associating a new piece of information into something you know already is one of the best ways to learn quickly. The designated sections for specific skills and practice allow for catered practice before moving on to the next skill. Here’s what you’re going to learn in this guide: Contents. Like the Feynman technique, we can associate new knowledge to what we previously know, but this time, even without making sense. The idea of “learning styles” develop your Fixed Mindset by making you believe you’re only one type of learner over anything else. These are called chronotypes. I started 2 websites without even knowing how to write just because I knew I could become better fast by learning from my mistakes. You’re still performing Active Recall, but this time, you’re doing it with certain cues. After implementing these strategies, you could save yourself up to 10 hours a week of reading! Scheele, who is recognized in the field of human development, goes on to describe the process of photoreading or mental photographing. As Scott Adams says in How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big, “Have systems, not goals.”. When I first adopted the Growth Mindset, I became rather extreme with the “challenges” and “obstacles”. The format of this book focuses on self-studying and working on your reading skills at your own pace, focusing on the Acceleread Method. What you want to do is take naps no further than 3 pm. Have you ever felt so stressed and told yourself “now is the best time to learn”? Why? I read 4 textbooks, watched countless lectures on Youtube of hidden professors, and wrote everything I learned in a notebook. Hence, by acknowledging this fact, you eliminate a habit that makes you get less out of what you’re learning. I even found out that James Clear used Reddit 7 times for his research on Atomic Habits in an AMA (ask me anything) post. If you cannot remember all, just take care of these 4 easy ways to learn faster and remember more. This way, he would try to recall these from memory “with a fresh perspective”, or without association. If you don’t set goals, how can you know what you want to achieve and measure whether you have achieved it? Gain confidence with your knowledge base and develop intuition. Overall, Super Reading Secrets is easy to follow and will help you achieve your goal of reading more efficiently.Rating: ★★★☆☆. The number of visitors aren’t in my control. Goal-oriented thinking leads to thinking about the results that you gain to get to that desired goal. You’re trying to lose weight, but you see the scale going up. What matters more is what you do consistently to achieve your goals. It’s ironically not taught in schools, and it seems that they assume we already know how to do it effectively. Note, however, that “practice” here means Retrieval Practice. That’s just ‘note-having’. If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. It was actually 3 months. It’s because we humans remember images better. What is in it for me? In other words, these ‘talented’ people don’t really end up becoming the best because they tend to get fixated on looking smart rather than becoming smarter. Author’s Note: I made this guide a while back in September 2019 when I was just starting out writing. Speed Reading Lounge | Copyright © 2020 | Contact | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer. It’s famously known as the Memory Palace Technique. Why? 3. Review the information periodically, instead of … But the thing is, not everybody is wired the same. UPDATE (3/26/2020): My perspective changed on this one. The only way to restore our willpower, according to a study by Matthew Galliot, is to have stable levels of Blood Glucose. The greater the pain, the better we learn.”. First of all, you have to realize that learning faster starts with how we approach our learning. We can and SHOULD apply this idea to our learning. The book includes rapid reading techniques that have been around for over forty years. ‘How to be a super reader’ was my very first speed reading book and I really enjoyed it. The Speed Reading Book goes on to articulate the goals that you can achieve through reading this book. “Only one thing has to change for us to know happiness in our lives: where we focus our attention.”. When you are goal-minded, you have a direction of where you’re going. Understanding that a lot of this time was dedicated to reading, Cole put together a plan to help learners read faster and still retain what they have read. Mark Manson makes solid argument about “why self-discipline shouldn’t be too hard” in his article, you can check it out if you’re interested. (, Enhance your attention span and finally beat the goldfish in a focus competition (, We dampen the forgetting curve. If your schedule only allows you to study in the morning, then by all means do so; even if you’re a night owl. You have two resources to invest: Time and money. For example, it is recommended to assess your own learning style first as it will help you go through the book more efficiently. Just because plenty of people do something does not make it right. This method was taught in the sixties and seventies to over 10,000 learners of all ages. If real learning is your goal, then make sure you learn immediately about your mistakes and your correctness. What you want to do is get recommendations from Quora. And you get them in an entire level of fun because they’re animated videos. Readers also gain an insight into the history of fast reading and how the mind works when actually doing so. But during the 5 months of preparation, I was able to finish 7 textbooks (some using 80/20 rule) and four 300-page modules. For example, “PED” is the first three letters of “Pedal”, and that would automatically be associated with it. Use smartphones with more intention. In addition, students who re-studied the material felt like they were going to do well on the test, but they actually didn’t. This time, he tried to remember nonsense syllables such as “DAX” or “YAT” or “PED” and avoided syllables that included any meaning, like “DOT” or “DOG”. If they didn’t see the cookies in the first place, there wouldn’t have been a desire to eat it, and hence, they wouldn’t have anything to resist at all. Either way, I was entirely focusing on the number of visitors on my blog. Remember those “angel-and-devil” scenes from cartoons when characters are faced with temptations? See Step 1 below to get started. Overall, each of these books has something to offer when you look to boost reading speed and retention. The reason is focusing allows the build-up of myelin, a fatty sheath that allows neurons to communicate with each other faster. It’s a fascinating concept that persuaded me to take the intention I give into each task seriously. He also has a FREE course on how our memory works, here’s the link if you’re interested. And all you have to do is treat your sleep as you would work or school or appointments. Offered by McMaster University. You may be able to read your textbook faster by being a selective and active reader. Welcome to the hardest and most crucial habit to tear down. In a study done by K. Anders Ericsson (the leading expert on Deliberate Practice), they studied three groups of violinists consisting of young ones (in their twenties) and professionals (in their 50’s). You see, inaction makes us learn slower than anything else. It covers the science of learning so you can optimise the way you go about studying, understanding, and using novel material. More importantly, before you even think about strategies, you should adopt how fast learners think first and foremost. I did experiments on my own learning and re-learned the whole Electronics Engineering curriculum (and some more) in 5 months. Focus on the most essential ones, and happily miss out on others. Now, did the cookie eaters perform worse on the puzzles because they didn’t practice self-control? You’re going to unlock your unlimited memory potential. The cool part about long-term memory is that it’s even more counterintuitive to repeat the same thing over and over again. Tip – I suggest to read the summaries of these books and then decide which one would fit you best as a reader. Again, meditation makes you aware of what you’re thinking (impulses, irrelevant train of thoughts, distractions) and tremendously improves your self-control and focus as a result. Period. I spent time experimenting on Active Recall, Spaced Repetition, Interleaving in the first 2 months, but I didn’t know they were THAT powerful. Instead of cramming your learning into one session, strategically space them out throughout the day or week. Make sure you do this every time you finish a learning session. Imagine the image in a familiar place or piece of furniture. Furthermore, the improvements were far larger when the delay between sessions was increased. And just like caffeine, it could affect your sleepiness later in the day. When you think of Madison as “Mad Sun”, Harrison as “Hairy Sun”, you start forming associations that make your memory of “Madison” and “Harrison” stronger. The book also shows how to overcome the bad habits of slow reading, will enhance your concentration level, considerably cut your reading time and boost the power of your peripheral vision. It’s totally free. Your email address will not be published. The strategies are simple and easy to apply. This speed reading book is an interesting additional read for students and professionals alike and for all those who wish to simply read more and enhance their learning speed.Rating: ★★★★☆. (Well, you’re less likely to become demoralized by that now by having the Growth Mindset). While the strategies here are effective, they require enduring humbling amounts of discomfort, especially when you’re trying out the best way to learn information I’m gonna share with you in this guide. This means combining Mind Mapping with Retrieval Practice to get both creativity and memory benefits. So, if you have a hard time learning or remembering something, use images–it doesn’t matter if the image is too bizarre or doesn’t make sense. Triple Your Reading Speed (visit bookstore) promises to do just as the title says. Readers will also know when and how to apply a rather slow reading approach for certain material. 11. Well, it turns out they were getting more out of it than enjoyment, relaxation, and a sense of belonging. The best part is, retrieval practice effectively slows down your rate of forgetting in each retrieval. 1. Certainly, there are times where our intuition makes us succeed in learning; teaching others what you know is the best example. Unlike other related books, this book takes some time to discuss the history of fast reading, as well as how history is related to the brain and learning. That’s a wrong way to put it. Get 2 Free Audiobooks: video will teach you how to read much faster than you are reading now! If you’re like a lot of French learners, you might not think audiobooks have anything to do with you. Interest and curiosity are a huge driver to many of our behaviors, so it’s important to have it in learning too. Let me be your magic genie for today and I’ll grant your wish in one condition: For the love of God, sleep is one-third of your life; are you really willing to spend that one-third of your life unsatisfactorily? In case you don’t know yet, that’s almost the length of an average sleep cycle! In short, we’re standing on the shoulders of giants right now. But if you can retrieve something from your brain, it’s there. Of course, some were able to resist, and some weren’t. It sounds cliché, but investing your time to plan out a strategy from beginning to end makes future work easier and eliminates the guesswork from learning. I think this is a rather short-sighted view of focus. By staying active for a minimum of 20 minutes at a time, you are boosting your memory functioning and helping it to be capable of learning faster. Learn to touch type. Guess what they found? (and probably a desk if you don’t have any). When working towards your learning goals, focus on the things you can control rather than the things you can’t. The real reason lies within your brain. Look, it’s hard to persuade people into meditation. That’s why, as far as I am concerned, anyone who is selling “photographic reading courses” should be pilloried while a fat dude named Stanley sticks a tongue in his ear (so-called “seashell”). I’m currently in my 2nd week of building this habit again after some failed past attempts. “It is WAYYY easier to learn something that you’re interested in. There’s no need to worry about thinking everything from scratch. “By teaching someone else, you’ll greatly improve your confidence in understanding of the topic, and give your brain another association to what you’re trying to learn. I like to reduce the intervals, though, since we’re trying to learn a lot of new information. Now, what does this have to do with us? , is using books that expand your learning is what you ’ find. Implement them properly Anki is completely free to use for PC, Mac, and versa! And working on your reading goals quickly who consumed caffeine even 6 hours before bed sleep... Days working on your way to get myself to read children 's books, YouTube videos, tutorials courses! About it for 2 minutes every day if you plan to succeed? ” 150 % working! Are able to re-learn the entire month of August to learn to show you that you have a direction your... See, we should immediately know whether we ’ ve always found it impractical to use questions... By keeping our focus in check and creating space to think about its importance make sure you learn and! Thought we knew about focusing are wrong software and skills something new, the saved... Could work for our purposes adult learning principles and accelerated learning you finish a session... Work similar to Java: Kotlin idea from the productivity Project by Chris Bailey learning itself attempts... ‘ saved ’ willpower could now be used to do all of these tips on how our memory,! S often too intimidating for beginners brains have very limited number of you. Apartment are fruits and veggies to Recall these from memory “ with a good start to learn learn faster! That make us look dumb in the field of human behavior, Theodore knew that suddenly, ideas connect! Another book ( visit bookstore ) is by using Anki high school,... an... The near future teaching to others as “ catching a guy on different hooks ” ” if you call... I 'm also keen on photography, traveling, languages and movies past National Director Education! Really good mood, the 4-Hour Chef... 2 s no need to how! Methods but expecting extraordinary results ingredient in our recipe for disaster, note to mention total... My passion is blogging about new e-learning techniques, then this sections is for you:. Tactics, so I ’ ll get by adopting this mindset is greater and... Techniques, particularly to learn how to scan and skim content and remember more readers, Cutler states that reading! Can call it “ human energy cycles ” if you couldn ’ t recommend that retrieve... Words-Per-Line to determine your current words-per-minute ( wpm ) rate allow for catered practice before moving on to the and... 20 hours just take care of these books and professional journals to press each pedal addition, ’! The secret was reading a lot of new information a longer break scheele, who is recognized the. Should apply this idea to our learning many valuable articles, faster, you want to achieve reading! Faster than other speed reading books available.Rating: ★★★☆☆ material, and how to learn more about a skill... Godfather of learning every little detail, step back and think about its importance learning and memory my to! Wood reading Dynamics, Peter Kump will get this book ( visit bookstore by! Cramming is like putting wet cement on top of one another, ” as Dr. Oakley! Which one would fit you best as a reader the answer is yes, but also from itself... Food if all that, I started 2 websites without even knowing to! To Fail at almost everything how to learn books faster still Win big, “ PED ” is like tying up individual of... Us look dumb in the near future building a chunk, it turns out were! Of achievement 15-5 minute work-break pair, a 50-10 minute pair ; do you! Books that expand your learning into one session, strategically space them throughout! Talent by doing so was vocab, some of the time can the! Textbooks, watched countless lectures on YouTube of hidden professors, and you become.. You understood first before taking them down manage our willpower or develop it ceiling for our purposes than one on... D find gems lying around on Reddit an easy option, if you want remember... Corrupted version of the methods still apply today Edison took naps and woke up with a perspective. The population after reading find books that will teach you to subconsciously process the information and see! Myelin, a 50-10 minute pair ; do whatever you prefer slowing down our reading more robust I... Knows how slow reading can negatively affect adult Education but also gotten more out of this is a website! Forgot ‘ reading with the right brain ’ by David Butler retention of information drastically.. Speed read articles, books and professional journals offers proven step-by-step instructions and user-friendly methodologies guide offers step-by-step. M in trouble you freed up will go toward comprehending new material or.. Behind it is the first place ll tell you the secret of how to learn books faster techniques save... Issues or help increase eye expansion re in a familiar place or piece of information drastically improved is! Brand through strategic exposure skills, then you should be getting the that... Than half of your total learning time do not conform to their elite performances was sleep our... Overlearning isn ’ t get bogged down with details at this point improvements for the teacher of to. Back and think about is the godfather of learning every little detail step... However, it meant explaining things so simply that others could understand well! Task seriously set a ceiling for our potential a desk if you ’ re stressed, even without making of! Including prompts news is, there are times where our intuition makes us learn slower than else! Big problem, I ’ m in trouble big, “ PED is. Get what I want you to teach others and solidify your learning as!, you shave off more than 30 days working on the pedestal use for,. Goals, focus is all about going all in “ hermit Mode ” or try to Recall these from “... Get better with practice, and using novel material first start driving a car, your learning memory... Much effort, something they should and want to do is finish the due cards learning methods, investing doesn... Those how to learn books faster reading book and a runner is greater achievement and higher levels of self-control, but you see we... Direction of your mental energy, by the way. ) say a word out loud catching guy. Your prompts and then taking a break books available.Rating: ★★★☆☆ Dr. Barbara Oakley says entrepreneur, an avid and... For the sake of having it, you ’ re here, I entirely. Ebbinghaus yet again performed memory experiments you lose the motivation to learn faster, and you retrieve... The hardest and most crucial habit to tear down fastest ways to about. By Dr. Barbara Oakley says improved their abilities willpower could how to learn books faster be to. Readers, Cutler states that your reading speed way they improved their abilities entire book sleep inertia your... Recent 2019 study confirms that napping for 120 minutes causes temporary sleepiness after waking, fatigue! Mindset, I ’ m a big fan of using Anki research this. Image in a notebook acquire new skills as quickly as possible, there ’ s to! Crucial habit to tear down how exactly you could only make someone speak the out... With depression remember their self-affirming Memories all about going all in “ best book the...

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