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dominion voting systems ownership

dominion voting systems ownership

", .css-1hlxxic-PromoLink:link{color:inherit;}.css-1hlxxic-PromoLink:visited{color:#696969;}.css-1hlxxic-PromoLink:link,.css-1hlxxic-PromoLink:visited{-webkit-text-decoration:none;text-decoration:none;}.css-1hlxxic-PromoLink:link:hover,.css-1hlxxic-PromoLink:visited:hover,.css-1hlxxic-PromoLink:link:focus,.css-1hlxxic-PromoLink:visited:focus{color:#B80000;-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;}.css-1hlxxic-PromoLink:link::after,.css-1hlxxic-PromoLink:visited::after{content:'';position:absolute;top:0;right:0;bottom:0;left:0;z-index:2;}Biden to ask Americans to wear masks for 100 days. But now after a rushed Delaware Corp., filing October 5, 2020, Staple notified U.S. SEC 10/08/20 they’re expecting $800 million minimum. Posts on social media claim Peter Neffenger, who is a volunteer for Mr Biden's team, is chairman of a subsidiary of Dominion, Smartmatic. The source of the nation’s voting machines has become an urgent issue because of real fears that hackers, whether foreign or domestic, might tamper with the mechanics of the voting system. This new partnership will provide additional resources and support to help us continue to expand our service capabilities for new and existing clients.”, The partners from Staple Street Capital said “Cyberlink is a highly attractive platform opportunity given the Company’s established market position, entrenched customer relationships and seasoned management team. And why aren’t they speaking up now?, — Zach Vorhies ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (@Perpetualmaniac) November 15, 2020. Verdict: This is not correct - the company is not owned by the "Radical Left". It produces extreme conflicts of interest and unlike publicly traded companies, are cloaked in privacy. The OANN report referred to an "unaudited analysis of data" obtained from an election monitoring group called Edison Research. "There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised. But advertising revenues have all but disappeared. The report highlights problems in Antrim County, Michigan, where Dominion machines were used - suggesting there could be widespread software issues in other counties as well. Verdict: It's true that Texas did not provide certification for the machines. The acquired businesses include iQor’s operations located in Europe, Asia, South America, Canada and certain facilities located in the United States (the “Company”). It is true that Nancy's Pelosi's former chief of staff is a lobbyist for Dominion Voting Systems, which supplied the election software in Michigan and other states. Have trade talks taken a turn for the worse? Dominion Voting Systems, which is the second-largest voting machine vendor in the US, is based in both the US and Canada. Video'Change has arrived’: Why Thailand is in crisis, In pictures: Snowy scenes in many parts of UK. Secretary of State Benson said the initial incorrect tally was quickly identified and corrected - and even if it wasn't, it would have been detected at a later stage in the checking process designed to identify such mistakes. Dominion Voting Systems, which says it has customers in 28 states, and Scytl have also denied they have any affiliation with each other. The key person of Dominion Voting are all related to The Carlyle Group. However, Texas has stipulated additional requirements, which the Dominion machines are unable to satisfy, such as that each ballot has a unique number so it can be traced. Brian Kemp calls for a signature audit after CCTV footage was leaked of hidden ballots being secretly counted. He is probably referring to claims circulating online that the company has links to the Clinton family and other Democratic politicians, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Now, an investigation into Securities and Exchange Commission filings has revealed that the firm that owns Dominion Voting Systems received $400 million from a Swiss bank with close links to the Chinese government… The rumours about Ms Pelosi stem from her former chief of staff, Nadeam Elshami, being hired by Dominion - but it has also hired staff previously associated with the Republican party. Please reprint more to spread the truth, so more people can understand this “Trumen world”,the democratic world has been completely infiltrated and corrupted , most dangerously they was the achieve almost total influence over the media. Kirkland & Ellis served as legal advisors to both Staple Street Capital and iQor Holdings in this transaction. Article originally published on Natural News.. "It's my story, it's what happens when someone fights for freedom in America today," Dominion Voting Systems is a leading provider of hardware and software election tabulation solutions in the U.S. and Canada. R number for UK falls to between 0.8 and 1, Train attacker 'tried to kill me three times', The hidden story of African-Irish children, 'Covid killed my wife - so I'm testing a new vaccine'. Staple Street Capital is a private equity firm founded in 2009 based in New York. 'Change has arrived’: Why Thailand is in crisis. From The machines targeted by Mr Trump were provided by Dominion Voting Systems, and the accusations range from the deletion of votes to inappropriate influence over the company by his political opponents. Only one month before the Nov 3rd election, an investigation of SEC filings showed Chinese funding behind Dominion ignored by mainstream media The Clinton Foundation has also issued a statement saying it "has never had any stake in Dominion Voting Systems; we have never been involved in the company's operations; and we can confirm that we are not currently working together". by: 11/09/2020 Source: FreePressers 11/09/2020; Show Notes. But we won't put up a paywall. Background: Staple Street Capital LLC operates as a private equity firm and was founded not long after Obama took office in June 2009. The Carlyle Group is infamous for the number of ex-Govt and high-ranking political leaders who work for them. OANN did not provide any evidence to back up its claim. Finally, add in the Europeans: Karl Otto Pöhl, former Bundesbank president; Henri Martre, former president of Aerospatiale; and Bilderberg steering committee member Etienne Davignon. . AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. In 2015, Carlyle was the world’s largest private equity firm by capital raised over the previous five years, according to the PEI 300 index, though by 2020 it had slipped into second place. October 08, 2020 Staple Street capital has filed with the United States SEC, Securities and Exchange Commission, for a capital raise of $800 million – not a good time to shut down a Private Equity investment firm’s website. Behind Dominion Voting is a huge swamp creature with tentacles all over the world, which is the reason behind election fraud and fake news. CLAIM: Dominion Voting Systems, one of the most widely used election technology firms in the United States, is owned by the company Smartmatic through an intermediary company called Indra. Trying to trace the ownership and implementation of these voting systems can be a dire task, as the information is not uniformly available and leads to many dead ends. Now, an investigation into Securities and Exchange Commission filings has revealed that the firm that owns Dominion Voting Systems received $400 million from a Swiss bank with close links to the Chinese government less than a month before the election, Staple Street was advised by McDermott Will & Emery LLP. Dominion Voting Systems shares an office floor with the George Soros-funded left-wing Tides Foundation in Toronto, NATIONAL FILE has learned. Both Dominion and Smartmatic have released statements saying no ownership relationship exists between the two competing firms. GROSS ANNUAL SALES FOR THE LAST THREE FISCAL YEARS: $51.6 (2010) $28.7 (2011) $44.8 (2012) NEW YORK, NY — June 3, 2019 – an affiliate of Staple Street Capital L.L.C. Staple Street owns Dominion, and are clients of Kirkland and Ellis. Staple Street Capital is a private equity firm founded in 2009 based in New York.The co-founders Stephen D. Owens and Hootan Yaghoobzadeh are veterans of The Carlyle Group and Cerberus Capital Management, also the Board members of Dominion Voting. HSBC received ownership of patents to intellectual property of elections, ballots, systems, cyber & internet capacities. individual rights, and equality of rights for all. Staple Street Capital’s co-founders and Board members of Dominion Voting, Stephen D. Owens was a managing director of the Carlyle Group (1998 – 2009), Hootan Yaghoobzadeh worked for the Carlyle Group (2002 – 2003), Cerberus Capital Management (2003 – 2009). The US federal government provides guidelines for certifying voting machines - which is meant to produce a common standard across the country. Kennard also served as Bill Clinton’s FCC Chairman until 2001. On Friday, Republican members on the State Government Committee slammed Dominion Voting Systems after Dominion company canceled a scheduled appearance to discuss voting irregularities. The Company offers voter list management, voter list strike-off, and poll tabulation. Staple Street has not filed an SEC form D since 2015 for $200 million capital raise… Now October 2020 they are raising $800 million? Dominion Voting Systems has denied having “company ownership relationships” with Pelosi. Extremely unusual is Kirkland and Ellis represented both sides in Staple Street’s 2019 acquisition of Ivy technologies – a company which should be nowhere near a United States election system – Let alone owned by the same Staple Street capital. The official website of Staple Street Capital has deleted the team introduction. Page 26 notes Dominion Ownership change disclosure, hidden in private equity firm Staple Street – now the website has been mostly shut down. Make a monthly commitment to support The Geller Report – choose the option that suits you best. Read about our approach to external linking. Georgia Republican Gov. "…, In Michigan, after 6,000 votes were tabulated for Biden instead of Trump in Antrim County, Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Laura Cox, said that 47 of Michigan’s 83 counties “used this same software in the same capacity”. Dominion Voting’s website features a string of denials to the mounting mainstream coverage of voter fraud in the American Election. Islamic State (ISIS) FATWA on Pamela Geller: “We will send all our lions to achieve her slaughter”, Muslim Convert Convicted in Plot to BEHEAD Pamela Geller Asks for “Compassionate Release”, Twitter Blacklists Mathematician Who Testified at Arizona Voter Fraud Hearing, BREAKING: Arizona GOP finds 2% of duplicate ballots took votes away from Trump after judge allows sample to be examined, FACEBOOK MARK ZUCKERBERG’S ‘NON-PROFIT’ GAVE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS $$ TO DEMOCRAT BIDEN COUNTIES, 9 OUT OF 10 COUNTIES. That should never be allowed By U.S. SEC. Both Dominion and Smartmatic have released statements saying no ownership relationship exists between the two competing firms. Mr Hannity also pointed towards potential problems in Georgia where the Dominion machines are widely used - but the Georgia Secretary of State said that despite some reporting delays, the software accurately counted and reported votes in the state. Staple Street Website page with description of owned companies is now shut down… Ivy technology International and CyberLink were purchased within the past 18 months with Dominion acquired in 2018, Staple Street Capital Acquires iQor’s International Logistics and Product Service Assets. The Antrim County clerk at first failed to correctly configure the reporting function in the machine, so the initial results were incorrect, with Mr Biden winning by around 3,000 votes. The Carlyle Group is an American multinational private equity, alternative asset management and financial services corporation, with more than $203 billion in assets under management across 126 funds and 139 fund of funds vehicles. It … With a presence in 46 states, Cyberlink’s flexible, cloud-agnostic delivery model enables the Company to efficiently serve customers across the U.S. Cyberlink’s Founder and CEO, Christopher Lantrip, said “We are excited to partner with Staple Street on the next phase of growth for Cyberlink. (“Staple Street Capital”), a leading middle market private equity firm, has acquired certain logistics and product service assets in a corporate carve-out transaction from affiliates of iQor Holdings Inc. (“iQor”). Dominion Voting has released a statement saying it is a non-partisan US company and has no company ownership relationships with any member of the Pelosi family or the Clinton Global Initiative. Pamela Geller tells her own story of how she became one of the world's foremost activists for the freedom of speech, Built on a foundation of executional excellence and innovation, Ivy Technology is a leading provider of aftermarket lifecycle solutions for electronic equipment. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Weekly quiz: How does George Clooney keep his hair trim? Persons listed above own more than 5% of Dominion Voting Systems Corp (Canada), the parent 1.9. Your anonymity is NEVER compromised. In April 2003, it was reported that the Carlyle Group is managed by a team of former US Government personnel including its president Frank Carlucci, former deputy director of the CIA before becoming Defence Secretary. New Right Network reported in 2018 on Diebold, the company whose name changed to Premier Election Solutions and is now owned by Dominion Voting Systems. As of September 2019, Dominion voting machines are used in 2,000 jurisdictions in 33 U.S. states and Puerto Rico. Fact Check: In the weeks following the Nov. 3 election, the election technology firm Dominion Voting Systems has been the target of misinformation related to election fraud. It is also important to clarify the difference between direct ownership of Dominion as claimed by Mr Trump, and donations made by the company either for philanthropic or lobbying purposes. Stunning Facts: Lord Mark Malloch Brown, a George Soros lieutenant, whose company Smartmatic, is intimately tied to Dominion Voting Systems who flipped votes from Trump to Biden.Brown was also named UN #2 – Deputy Secretary General on March 3 rd, 2006, and also former VP of the World Bank.His machine was used in all the swing states. $400 million each filed October 8 with the “incorporation” in Delaware of October. The Ground Zero Mosque: The Second Wave of the 9/11 Attacks is a groundbreaking documentary on the controversy Our readers’ contributions make that possible. For more information, visit "Elections systems across the country are found to have deleted millions of votes cast for President Trump," it said.

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