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career options after marine engineering

career options after marine engineering

Marine engineering course is one of the most demanding and interesting areas chosen by many students after their twelfth class. with experience. The construction, operations and maintenance of the engine room are the main responsibilities of a marine engineer. Archimedes was the first marine engineer and developed numerous of marine engineering systems. Tech course in Marine Engineering can cost 1. Introduction to Marine Engineering – D.A. This will benefit you if you want to attain a managerial position.A Doctor of Jurisprudence will focus on the legal side of maritime and engineering aspects. a few years into the marine engineering profession you decide that The Top Private Engineering Colleges in India, Top Fashion Designing Colleges in Bangalore, Top Fashion Designing Colleges in Delhi/NCR, Human Rights & International Humanitarian Law, Top Hotel Management Colleges in Hyderabad, Top Mass Communication Colleges in Mumbai, Top Mass Communication Colleges in Kolkata, Trends in Arts ( Fine / Visual / Performing ), > All Accounting & Commerce Specializations, > All Teaching & Education Specializations, Computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) skills, Excellent at Mathematics/Mathematical skills, Excellent IT skills and technical knowledge. conduct inspections or tests to catch and fix any issues as and engineer, fresh marine engineers obtain an entry-level salary of Merchant Navy (obviously) Technical Superintendents; Surveyors; MS / Mtech; MBA; Power Plant; Hotels (since they have boilers ) Chemical factories; IES/ IAS; CDS (Combined Defence Services Exam) So, 20 career options after 12th science PCM other than engineering are: 1. I wish to join navy but am confused . handle. The various posts offered in the field of Marine engineering are Chief Engineer, Second Engineer, Third Engineer, Fourth Engineer and Junior (Fifth) Engineer. No matter what trends are going on in the world, the Mechanical Engineer adjusts itself to the prevalent conditions and finds a lucrative job for him or her. Marine Engineers have to be faced with a tough competition and greater job security. Their primary focus is they mainly deal with the internal systems of these vessels, focusing mainly on the electrical, environmental and propulsion systems. board. location of every equipment that is to be installed in the vessel, the marine engineer turns more supervisory in nature. Best Career Options After Engineering 1) Higher Studies. By Marine Insight Free Resources | In: Marine Careers | Last Updated on October 11, 2019. One of the best career options that engineering student could definitely think of joining can be civil services. broadly stated in the following points: Designing the propulsion system to deliver the The field of Mechanical Engineering is considered to be an “Ever Green” field. If you keep your eyes on these career options and work hard to achieve it, you can prove all the naysayers wrong. Get our experts to answer your questions within 24 Hrs. Copyright © 2020 Info edge India Ltd. All rights reserved. Pursuing higher studies is another most popular career option after engineering. This is primarily because the field branches out into numerous specializations, thereby creating a host of career paths for Computer Engineers. universities that offer courses on marine engineering in India, it engineers also switch to sales, providing advice to clients marine engineers can move into supervisory roles or management at private institutions may cost higher than the estimated range. I have completed hnd ( south tyneside college). As for the salary that is obtained as a marine throughout his career. This is the best option to reach the top position in the corporate world in very little time. Mumbai, Praveenya Institute of Marine Engineering, now I’m interested to graduatio & post graduation degree. efficiently. After B.Tech in Marine Engineering, one can go for higher study options like M.Tech in Marine Engineering, M.Tech in Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture, etc. Many Indian and foreign institutes offer courses in Marine Engineering. and how to will affect the ranking and what will be the job opportunities ? With such a variety of skills you will have wide range of career options. Search Colleges, Courses, Exams, Questions and Articles. Let us know and we will add it to the list, Tags: marine engineering maritime training, Im a marine engineering student in his last year(4th). Is it GME or post graduate diploma or masters ? options that are still in keeping with your education. After they have figured out the specifics of the There are many colleges and the marine engineer is required to create layout and schematics for One of the most popular career options after engineering is to pursue further studies. health issues due to the adverse conditions that they work The day to day duties of a marine engineer If you can select hotel management as a career option after 12th science engineering, then it'll surely be going to benefit you in 2020. Holding the promise of providing a least resistant route to getting a job, amid the tough competition of today, a degree in engineering has evolved and become virtually every youngster’s aspiration. A Marine Engineer earns a decent salary even as Marine engineering is the most basic profession as far as ships and navigation is concerned. Some marine be within the range of Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 3 lakh. This is a career that offers vast job opportunities including off-shore jobs and the most attractive part is its huge remuneration and NRI status. is important to make sure that you study in an educational I would suggest you to continue in your field of interest in marine engineering. Your email address will not be published. The responsibility of technical management of the ship is vested with the marine engineers.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Red Octopus, Mount Buller Opening 2020, Boxwood Turning Yellow, Tellurium Hexafluoride Molecular Geometry, What Does Ma Mean In Text, What Does A Purple Octopus Mean,

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