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Product Managers Consulting

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•  Founded in 2004, in France (Versailles)
•  More than 50 technological start-ups and SMEs supported in their Product Management and Product Marketing strategies - Focused on B2B
•  Expert for Scientipole Initiative since 2009 and Scientipole Croissance since 2013 (creation of Scientipole Croissance)


Broad market experience, including

  • • Consumer Electronics: TCL (China & Europe)
  • • Telecommunications: Qosmos, Ipanema technologies, Marben products, Luceor…
  • • Software edition: Augeo Software (North America & Europe), Keynectis, Intuilab, Crossing Tech (middleware – Switzerland), Neosesame (BaaS)…

Domains of expertise

product managers point  Strategic Marketing: Market segmentation, Positioning, Differentiation

product managers point  Product Management: Roadmap, Product lines P&L and Monitoring

product managers point  Marketing Tactics (focused on inbound marketing): Marketing Plan, Product Launch Programs, Lead Generation & Nurturing

product managers point  Processes: Product Life Cycle Management, Sales Processes, Dashboards, Reporting to C-level

Start-up Program experience

Scientipole Croissance

As an expert for Scientipole Croissance, Product Managers was involved in the development of the training program called “develop your business”, which goal is to boost 15 start-ups to achieve 1 million € revenue within 3 years.

  • • A training program structured into 4 workshops to address positioning and marketing message, marketing tools to support sales, lead generation and pipeline monitoring.
  • • A first program rolled out between March and July 2013: 50 candidates, 15 companies selected to attend the program, 6 awarded with a subsidy of 25 K€/start-up to help hire a bus dev person
  • • Next program will start in September 2013

Scientipole Initiative

 As an expert for Scientipole Initiative, Product Managers is regularly asked to assess start-ups application to Scientipole Initiative label. The goal is to assess candidates potential to start and develop their business. Scientipole Initiative grant a 0 to 100 K€ loan to every selected company.

  • • Interview of start-ups, feed-back to Scientipole based on a 5 pages standard form
  • • Support given to companies to prepare their presentation (20 mn pitch + Q&A in front of the jury)
  • • Attendance to Scientipole initiative Committee

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